Camu Camu (Myrciaria Dubia)

NTXDRIED products are clearly superior to freeze dried products in terms of super-crunchy textures, brighter, more natural colours and intense fresh flavours.


  • Product does not contain or additive artificial colors, sugar, salt or any preservative. Non genetically modified (non GMO)
  • Amazonian “Superberry”
  • Shelf life of one year from date of pack under recommended storage conditions in original packing
  • High content Vitamin C (Nutraceutical-Health Claims EFSA) and Fiber
  • Organic Product. No pesticide residues


Per 100g.

Nutritional Value Camu Camu

% Daily Value are based on the reference caloric intake of 2,000 calories for adults and children aged 4 years.


Succulent powder.




Light Red – Pink.


Acid. Typical of Camu Camu.


Typical of Camu Camu. No foreign odors.


Total Plate Count (TPC)  < 1,000 cfu/g


Yeast  < 100 cfu/g


Mold  < 100 cfu/g


Salmonella per 25 g  Absent


Escherichia Coli per 25 g  Absent


Coliform per 25 g  < 10 cfu/g


Water Activity (Aw)  0.29

* Microbiological determinations are based on official AOAC methods.


Camu camu contains a high level of vitamin C (10 times more than orange and 40 times more than lemon, based on 100 grams of each fruit); What contributes to the formation of bones, teeth, skin, cartilage, ligaments and collagen, a protein that affects the development of tendons and blood vessels. On the other hand, its potential in the prevention of diseases related to the immune system has been investigated, which suggested that the seed extract is a source of betulinic acid.


Therefore, we can say that the main benefits are:


  • It’s gentle on the stomach. Camu Camu is a natural source of Vitamin C, so much more kind to your stomach and easier to assimilate in the body than synthesized alternatives.


  • It contains nutrients that help you to absorb Vitamin C. As well as being a rich source of Vitamin C, it also contains amino acids, bioflavonoids and other nutrients that help your body to absorb this essential vitamin.


  • It helps to promote healthy blood circulation. This is one of our body’s most important functions, it transports oxygen around the body to our brain and organs.


  • It helps with cell regeneration. Camu Camu’s Vitamin C content helps to neutralise free radicals, boost collagen and promote healthier skin.