The NXTDRIED Lab delivers next generation superfoods with unique textures, flavours and nutrition performance as well as exploiting future food insights. Based in Cañete, Peru and Bilbao, Spain the NXTDRIED Lab team are supported by an expert international innovation network, and provides key support with:

  • Leading advanced processing technology development and testing at NXTDRIED
  • Achieving regulatory approvals and industry standard certifications
  • Undertaking NPD programmes with partners and clients to individual specifications
  • Collaborative R&D projects for super-ingredients, functional compounds
  • External independent expert and consumer sensorial product testing (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Future scoping and trend analyses for healthy eating, new flavours/ingredients and functional foods/nutraceuticals

The NXTDRIED Lab and network has been specifically developed to enable NXTDRIED to partner effectively with technical, NPD and senior management teams at leading manufacturers, brands, retailers and suppliers incl HORECA.