NXTDRIED is proudly based in Peru where we source locally grown fresh fruits and superfoods, then use our conditioning and low temperature dehydration processes to transform them into nutritious, organic, super-crunchy snacks and ingredients with simply amazing results. All from Peru with love!

NXTDRIED is an international tech-based company created to deliver truly extraordinary natural products and real superfood ingredients to support healthy and organic lifestyles globally.

NXTDRIED was born in Europe (Bilbao) under the umbrella of a €30M business group which has more than 100 years of experience including food industry innovation and technology projects.


Working in partnership with the Canadian food-tech company EnWave Corp, NXTDRIED has been able to develop and establish the first next generation drying processes in Peru. Until now, fresh superfoods end up being not so “super” due to the outdated processing technologies used which adversely affects their color, flavor and nutritional qualities.

NXTDRIED has brought world leading technology and expertise to Peru, to deliver true superfoods that create sustainable local wealth, minimizes our carbon footprint and maximizes the value contribution of our licensed technology: from the tree to the package in 10 days. Our BRC certified operations are integrated with local organic farming communities, from produce sourcing and preparation to advanced dehydration processes.

NXTDRIED has offices in Peru, Europe and UK and is creating a strong value chain that incorporates the best possible product(Peru), the latest technology (Canada), developments and know-how (Bilbao) and international market insights and strategic planning (London). Thanks to this international connectivity NXTDRIED can deliver the best products globally to North and South America, Europe, Asia and beyond.


NXTDRIED has a vast experience and knowhow in integrated food industry developments and trends, as well as present and future consumer behavior. Our R&D/NPD team works to develop products that create real value, in line with the newest food consuming trends. Whether solving a production problem or helping bring a new idea to life, NXTDRIED is the right innovation partner that will bring leading knowledge and knowhow to your door.

NXTDRIED works hard to understand the challenges you face and help you develop innovative solutions that will bring real value to your business.

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