USIL recognizes NXTDRIED as an innovative company committed to the development of the Peruvian Industry

On April 23th, NXTDRIED took part in the event “Peru, a key country for the new Food Industry”. Organized by the San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL) of Peru and its Engineering in Food Industries degree. The event had over 75 attendees, two international speakers and the recognition “Innovative company committed to development of the Peruvian Industry” which was given to NXTDRIED.

The USIL, has numerous international accreditations and is qualified as the third Peruvian University in the research indicator of the SCImago 2021 ranking. It also remains committed to qualified education and through this event the university gathered companies, professionals of the field, students and key figures. The event was lead by the moderator Perla Paredes and the Director of the Food Industry Engineering Program, Luis Olivera. Luis Olivera opened the event pointing out the versatility of industry when it comes to supplying safe food during pandemic times. Luis Olivera also mentioned the importance of developing new healthy and sustainable foods with new logistic chains adapted for commercialization and digitization.

The event had the pleasure to present Phd Pedro L. Prieto Hontoria, international expert in innovaiton and trends and current CEO of Be Food Lab (Bilbao, Spain). Pedro pointed out the key role of Peru in the future of the planet’s nutrition needs in terms of foodtech, health and sustainability . He also talked about new opportunities in the field of proteins and functional foods (coffee, beverages, fruits or tubers). Pedro encouraged the Peruvian companies to innovate through a triple helix: Technology, Know-how and Confidence in open innovation. This way they will be part of the future food systems and will generate value, positioning Peru as a important exporter of food with high added value.

The event also featured the NXTDRIED engineer Xabier Gil, who shared his view on how to generate high value-added food from Peru for the most sophisticated markets. He explained how NXTDRIED (San Vicente de Cañete, Peru) through a new dehydration technology based on radiant energy and vacuum pressure is achieving products with 5 to 10 times more bioactive compounds in such as: camucamu, goldenberry or ginger.

This recognition by the Engineering in Food Industries dregree has the goal of training professionals specialized in the development and innovation of products and processes in the food industry.

NXTDRIED, thanks to these outstanding nutritional values and formed by a great team of more than 100 people, has made its way into nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics, and functional nutrition through the generation of new snacks with high nutritional and sensory value.

Before closing the event, the director Luis Olivera gave the recognition “Innovative company committed to the development of the Peruvian Industry” to Jaime Modonese, general director of NXTDRIED. «We have materialized all the innovation and research behind our process both nationally and internationally and turn it into new products with high added value thanks to the Peruvian biodiversity. But it is important to continue investing in projects like this in Peru » said Jaime Modonese after showing appreciation for the recognition of such a prestigious institution.

About Engineering in Food Industries
The USIL Food Industry Engineering career trains professionals to achieve a global vision while specializing in the development and innovation of products and processes in the food industry. Find out more here.

About NXTDRIED Superfoods SAC
Innovative company based in Peru that is focused on producing snacks and food ingredients of high nutritional value. More information here


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