Peru is rich in natural biodiversity and one of the ten most mega diverse countries on the planet. NXTDRIED’s goal is to share part of that biodiversity in a responsible and sustainable way with the rest of the world.


Peru is one of the ten most diverse countries in the world and 60% of Peru is covered by the Amazon forest. This wealth of biodiversity provides important ecosystem services which contribute to both a healthy natural environment and human wellbeing.

Over the past two decades, Peru has emerged as a significant and growing global fruit and vegetable exporter, driven by the advantages of its climate and fertile plains which enable the production of many fruits all year round.

Having access to the great biodiversity and fresh produce grown in Peru is a real privilege. However, superfoods, fruits and vegetables can never fully retain all their outstanding natural flavors, aromas, textures or nutrients when frozen which is why NXTDRIED decided to be based in Peru. It means that we can take full advantage of the potential of Peru’s amazing fresh produce, allowing each fruit or vegetable to be harvested at its optimal maturation point ready for NXTDRIED to process into next generation dehydrated fruit snacks and premium ingredients.


Currently, there are 80 Peruvian organizations with the FLO Fair Trade seal that already export their products to different countries around the world. This makes Peru the Latin American country with the most organizations linked to Fair Trade. The advantages that it presents for the small associated producers in organizations that have obtained the Fair Trade seal are direct access to international markets, participation in international fairs and the sale of their products at better prices.

For NXTDRIED it is important to support Peru’s economy in a responsible way, which is why we only source from fair trade suppliers. NXTDRIED commits in advance to supplies from small farmers so they can be assured of their harvest being sold.


Peruvian Superfoods can provide superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients to optimize health and body functions, and some are known to prevent diseases. Peruvian Superfoods have been achieving increasing recognition among consumers around the world interested in health and nutrition, as well as their use in Peruvian gastronomy, building on thousands of years of ancient agricultural knowledge and traditions.

NXTDRIED is proud to have access to these great Peruvian superfoods and also proud to be able to preserve their full nutritional value, taste, aroma and color with our advanced dehydration processes. Real superfoods for the world to enjoy!


Smart fruit preparation and conditioning processes combine with vacuum and low temperature dehydration to deliver unique, flexible product specifications to meet key customer requirements.


NXTDRIED works hard to understand the challenges you face and help you develop innovative solutions that will bring real value to your business.


360° Sustainability is an integral part of NXTDRIED’s DNA, as we deliver organic, FairTrade-sourced fresh products with total traceability, low carbon processing & shipping with substantial investments in Peru in our team and technologies. From fresh to packet in only 10 days.