New Generation of Healthy
Fruit Snack Products
Beyond Freeze Dried
Superfood Ingredients For
Innovative Food Manufacturers
Organic Certified

Low Energy Processing and
Sustainable Development
Preserving Almost 100% Of The
Natural Flavours, Colours and
Nutritional Value

About Us

NXTDRIED is a tech-based company created to deliver truly extraordinary natural products and superfood ingredients to support healthy and organic lifestyles globally.

Proudly based in Peru, our BRC certified operations are integrated with local organic farming communities, from product sourcing and preparation to advanced dehydration processes.

Maximum Sensory Value

Crunchy dehydrated products, preserving virtually all the flavour and colour of the original organic raw material. An extraordinary sensory experience.

State-of-the-art Knowledge and Technology

Smart fruit preparation and conditioning processes combine with vacuum and low temperature dehydration to deliver unique, flexible product specifications to meet key customer requirements.

Maximum Nutritional Value

We preserve almost all the micronutrients and active compounds of the original organic product, keeping all its functional properties. “Real superfoods”.

Superfoods from Peru

As well as popular Peru-grown NXTDRIED tropical fruits we transform Peru’s unique biodiversity into high performance, nutritious ingredients.

Global Experience & Resources

The Peru-based agri-food, processing and technical teams are supported by globally experienced FMCG and NPD personnel based in Europe and North America to deliver world class innovation and customer service.

Our Sustainability

Fair prices, technical assistance and financial support to improve the quality of life for our farming communities. Always Clean Label and NXTDRIED products consume much less energy than other dehydration processes and their supply chains.


Popular Fruits …. Made Extraordinary

NXTDRIED takes healthy fruit snacking to a new level with our 100% natural and organic, super-crunchy Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Blueberry and Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana).

Peru Superfood Specialities

We offer the bio-diversity of Peru including Goldenberry (Physalis peruviana), Camu Camu, Purple Corn, Yellow Chilli, Lucuma and Yacón (natural sweeteners), preserving their unique characteristics with our expert knowledge.

Natural Sweeteners

Our NXTDRIED Lucuma and Yacón have the most intense, sweet flavours ever produced from these products, with bio-actives fully preserved. Opportunities for further processing and extraction.

Intense Spices and Colours

NXTDRIED spices have extraordinarily intense flavours and colours that you really must experience for yourself! Try our Ginger, Turmeric, Yellow Chilli and Purple Corn.


NXTDRIED products are organic-certified.

New Product Development

Innovation and New Product Development to meet key customer requirements and identified new market opportunities, always with an outstanding product performance.


NXTDRIED products are clearly superior to freeze dried products in terms of super-crunchy textures, brighter, more natural colours and intense fresh flavours. NXTDRIED’s proprietary dehydration processes preserve almost all the nutritional values and bio-actives of the fresh product.

Equally important, NXTDRIED products have a far lower carbon footprint than freeze dried products.

Organoleptically Superior

NTXDRIED products are clearly superior to freeze dried products in terms of super-crunchy textures, brighter, more natural colours and intense fresh flavours.

More Intense Natural Colours and Flavours

NXTDRIED takes healthy snacking to a new level with our 100% natural and organic, super-crunchy fruits. Their intense, natural and fresh flavours will truly explode in your mouth.

Independent Product Testing

We are committed to independent testing of our NXTDRIED products vs freeze dried.


Healthy Fruit Snacks

Premium NXTDRIED fruits for innovative, premium healthy and organic snacking.

Superfood Ingredients and Inclusions

High performance pieces and powders to power innovation in foods, drinks, and HORECA.

Functional Ingredients and Compounds

NXTDRIED products are an ideal base for extracting new high value natural flavours, sweeteners, colours, vitamins and bio-actives.


The NXTDRIED Lab delivers next generation superfoods with unique textures, flavours and nutrition performance as well as exploiting future food insights. Based in Cañete, Peru and Bilbao, Spain the NXTDRIED Lab team are supported by an expert international innovation network.