The NXTDRIED Lab  is able to deliver next generation superfoods with unique textures, flavours and nutrition performance as well as exploiting future food insights. Based in Cañete, Peru and Bilbao, Spain the NXTDRIED team is supported by an expert international innovation network with global experience that provides key support with:


Radiant Energy Vacuum Dehydration (REV™) is a patented vacuum-microwave technology that enables uniform drying with flexible moisture content unattainable with Freeze Drying or Air Drying.

REV™ is a Canadian-born gentle, adaptable, low temperature drying method that maintains the product’s color, flavor, and nutrients during the drying process.

in Peru

NXTDRIED is proud to have access to these great superfoods and also has the hability to preserve their full nutritional value, taste, aroma and color.


NXTDRIED works hard to understand the challenges you face and help you develop innovative solutions that will bring real value to your business.


360° Sustainability is an integral part of NXTDRIED’s DNA, as we deliver organic, FairTrade-sourced fresh products with total traceability, low carbon processing & shipping with substantial investments in Peru in our team and technologies.  From fresh to packet in only 10 days.