Discover the ultimate superfoods from Peru by NXTDRIED

NXTDRIED has developed an ultimate superfood range of Peruvian specialty products with incredibly intense natural flavors, aromas and colors and with amazing levels of nutrients retained.

Consumers, chefs and new product developers are all increasingly demanding authentic and exotic products, ingredients and health foods that deliver exceptional flavor experiences as well as achieving record levels of nutritional performance.

NXTDRIED have sourced an initial selection of the very highest quality fresh superfoods available in Peru and then used our advanced REVdried technology to transform them into the ultimate superfoods, naturally preserving everything that makes them special ….. just without the water!

The NXTDRIED ultimate superfoods include Peruvian specialties such as CamuCamu, Lucuma, Yacón, Goldenberry as well as locally grown Ginger and Turmeric which are gaining an increasing international reputation for their flavor, color and bio-active content. All are available as conventional and organic.

“We are proud to have developed over the last 18 months our first range of true superfoods from Peru that we are sure people will enjoy for their amazing flavors and health benefits.” says Jaime Modonese, NXTDRIED’s General Manager. “We describe them as our ultimate superfoods because we have not found any other products to match these and we would be delighted to send you samples to evaluate them for yourselves, for use in functional or regular foods, beverages, health products or just mixes or powder blends for consumers” 

Peru is one of the 10 most biodiverse countries in the world, home to more than 20,000 species of flora in its 1.2million square kilometers including the Peruvian Amazon, Andes and coastal regions.  NXTDRIED works closely with local communities and farmers to ethically source and harvest naturally the fruits and spice plants for our ultimate superfoods.

Every product is Fairtrade sourced and quality checked, and NXTDRIED ensure optimum ripeness or maturity ready for processing by using our on-site ripening chambers.  We only use fresh products, never frozen, and typically the journey from field to dried ultimate superfood at our processing plant in Cañete, southern Peru, takes less than 10 days!

The NXTDRIED processing plant in Cañete is one of the most advanced in Latin America where we use next generation REVdried technologies (Radiant Energy Vacuum) that preserve virtually all the natural flavors, color and nutrients of the original fresh product.  Totally different from air drying where much of the flavors, colors and nutrients are lost in processing and even beyond freeze drying.

A key feature of the REVdried technology is that it has enabled us to develop specific processing protocols for individual fruits or spices to optimize their flavor, color and textures as required so each one can be rightly described as an ultimate superfood. The team at the NXTDRIED Lab lead on process R&D, product testing and comparative nutritional and sensory analyses to confirm their outstanding product performance and breaking new records.

  • Example: NXTDRIED CamuCamu naturally contains 20-25% vitamin C, a world record level of vitamin C for a dried product.  Not an extract, simply the fresh product REVdried, with the seeds removed.

The results speak for themselves, 100% natural and clean label ultimate superfood powders that are turning heads show after show thanks to their intense colors and flavors, supported by independent nutritional testing data.


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