NXTDRIED takes premium dried ingredients to the next level

Since the very begining NXTDRIED decided to support and benefit from Enwave’s REVdried technology.

REVdried is a combination of Radiant Energy and Vacuum technologies that results in an efficient, gentle drying process. It also enables efficient low-temperature processing and an efficient water removal without cooking or oxidizing.

The REVdried technology also has the ability to “puff” products while offering and efficient energy transfer. This technology offers a fast and uniform volumetric heating and also a precise temperature regulation.

In terms of a final product: The REVdried products offer a unique crunchy texture while maintaining way more nutrients thatn freeze dried products. Our REVdried snacks and ingredients are not only more nutritious but they also have a more vibrant color, a more intense aroma and an explosive natural flavor. The NXTDRIED products, thanks to the whole production system offer total traceablity and a lower carbon footprint that freeze dried products.

So if the REVdried technology is already a big step forward from freeze dried technologies…


Well as you already know Peru is one of the 10 most diverse countries in the world including areas of the Amazon rainforest which makes up 70% of the planet’s total biodiversity. We transform Peru’s unique biodiversity, as well as popular fruits grown on Peru’s fertile plains, into dehydrated products which preserve all their natural flavors, colors and nutrients. NXTDRIED chooses the best Peruvian fruit farms under global quality certification agreements and responsibly offers local farmers technical support and a guaranteed sale of their crops.

We have agreements with local fruit farms to boost the Peruvian agriculture creating value in a responsible and sustainable way. The fruit is harvested to the optimal maturation point before being processed in NXTDRIED.

From the tree to packet in 10 days! NXTDRIED has perfect control of the local supplier’s outcome, the best raw materials and full production and packaging control with full traceability.

Due to our innovative low temperature technology, our optimized manufacturing and supply chain, we estimate NXTDRIED’S carbon footprint to be about 25% of the total carbon footprint of an average Freeze Dried company.

For NXTDRIED it is important to support Peru’s economy in a responsible way, that’s why we are working on getting SMETA certified. To assure ethical and social standards for all of our clients but also suppliers. 

NXTDRIED has created a specific process that will allow the team to not let any product go to waste. What might seem as waste in the fragmentation process turns out to be a 100% natural powder with shocking nutritional values that are being used in functional powder blends and other higher valued applications.

The dehydration process in the NXTDRIED plant concludes with products that have 2 to 3% of moisture. All the water from the fruit that has been retained from that process goes back into nature through watering. NXTDRIED is engaged to explore other ways of upcycling and giving back.

NXTDRIED is focused on deliverying premium snacks and ingredients but not at all costs.

The above mentioned limits and commitments shape NXTDRIED’s total product offer and DNA. That’s what makes NXTDRIED a unique premium REVdried ingredient supplier.


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We are very excited about how the market is growing. How consumers are looking for healthier options and even functional nutrition related products. We are proud and we will keep working and researching with new products that continue to meet the demands of the new consumer!

Ginger at it’s best

While regular freeze dried powder has 6.3 (mg/g) of 6-gingerol, our NXTDRIED ginger powder has 10.2 (mg/g) of 6-gingerol. That’s why NXTDRIED can offer ginger at it’s best. Are you going to settle for less?