The food industry in 2030: What’s next?

In NXTDRIED we work hard to understand the challenges that a company in the food industry can face and we try to help you develop innovative solutions that will bring real value to your business and will keep your business model not only up to date but leading the way of innovation.

Food is an integral part of our lives, constantly evolving to reflect our changing tastes, lifestyles, and concerns. As 2030 approaches, the food industry is undergoing a transformation that’s nothing short of spectacular. Picture a dinner plate customized to your DNA, and virtual feasts in the metaverse. Is this is the tantalizing glimpse of tomorrow’s culinary landscape? Well, here in NXTDRIED we think it is!

What we eat won’t  just be about sustenance but an adventure that tickles the senses and challenges our notions.


By 2030, the plant-based revolution will have swept across the globe, reshaping our diets and the food industry. With increasing concerns about health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability, plant-based foods will become the new norm.

Expect to see plant-based alternatives for every type of food imaginable, from steaks to seafood. Lab-grown meat and cultivated proteins will also make their mark, reducing the environmental impact of traditional livestock farming.


Custom designed nutrition will take center stage, with individuals receiving tailored meal plans based on their genetics, lifestyle, and health goals. Advances in DNA testing and data analytics will make it possible to pinpoint exactly what foods work best for each person.

Imagine receiving a daily meal plan that not only caters to your nutritional needs but also aligns with your taste preferences. We are sure that food delivery services will use artificial intelligence to curate menus that optimize your health while satisfying your cravings.


The dining experience in 2030 will definitely be high-tech. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will be integrated into restaurants, offering immersive and interactive experiences.

Smart kitchen appliances will become the norm in homes. These devices will not only help with meal preparation but also track your nutritional intake and suggest recipe ideas based on what’s in your fridge.


Sustainability will be at the forefront of food trends in 2030. Consumers will demand more transparency from food producers, pushing for eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing. The concept of “zero waste” will gain traction, with restaurants and food businesses minimizing waste by repurposing ingredients and utilizing every part of the food product.


In response to the growing need for sustainable protein sources, insects will become a mainstream food item by 2030. Cricket flour, mealworm snacks, and other insect-based products will be readily available and accepted as a nutritious protein alternative.


Food will be seen as a powerful tool for preventing and managing health conditions. Nutraceuticals and functional foods will become mainstream, with products designed to address specific health concerns.

Imagine enjoying a delicious meal that supports your immune system, reduces inflammation, or promotes mental clarity. The line between food and medicine will blur, emphasizing the importance of a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

Are you ready for a future where food is not just sustenance but a thrilling adventure in itself?


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The food industry in 2030: What’s next?

Are you ready for a future where food is not just sustenance but a thrilling adventure in itself? As 2030 approaches, the food industry is undergoing a transformation that’s nothing short of spectacular.

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