NXTDRIED AT EXPO EAST 2022: Next generation snacks, inclusions, powders and superfoods

From September 29th to October 2nd, NXTDRIED will exhibit their REVdried products at EXPO EAST Natural Products in Philadelphia.

NXTDRIED will be sampling -at their booth (Hall A, booth 1031)- their crunchy fruit snacks, fruit inclusions, fruit powders and superfoods.

NXTDRIED has been developing sustainable food ingredients that can maintain exceptional flavour, colour, with a unique crunchy texture.

Consumers are demanding health foods and snacks with high nutritional values and exceptional flavours, colours, and textures. The freeze dried market has been until now, the gold standard for food ingredients.

NXTDRIED is convinced of the strong appetite for clean labels, premium ingredients, and ready-to-eat snack products. NXTDRIED’s vision is to meet the core freeze-dried market needs while offering healthier, more sustainably sourced products.

To be 100% clear, NXTDRIED does not offer Freeze dried products. NXTDRIED goes beyond freeze dried.

NXTDRIED’S product offer is also in the premium spectrum of snacks, flakes, inclusiones and powders. They are premium REVdried products full of aroma, color and with even bigger nutrient retention than Freeze dried products.

And is not only about the nutrients. The flavors and aromas in our snacks and ingredients are another whole experience.

¿How can we obtain the best outcome from Peruvian’s fruits?

We transform Peru’s unique biodiversity, as well as popular fruits grown on Peru’s fertile plains, into dehydrated products which preserve all their natural flavors, colors and nutrients.
The fruit is harvested to the optimal maturation point before being processed in NXTDRIED.

From the tree to packet in 10 days! So NXTDRIED has the best raw materials and full production and packaging control with total traceability.

NXTDRIED has developed customized processes for each type of fresh fruit that optimizes their individual organoleptic, nutritional and physical characteristics including EnWave´s REV™ licensed technology as the differential factor.

At EXPO EAST 2022, you will be able to discover REVdried snacks, inclusions and powders that go beyond the freeze dried nutrient, aroma and color retention but also are way more sustainable and offer total traceability.


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Ginger at it’s best

While regular freeze dried powder has 6.3 (mg/g) of 6-gingerol, our NXTDRIED ginger powder has 10.2 (mg/g) of 6-gingerol. That’s why NXTDRIED can offer ginger at it’s best. Are you going to settle for less?