Peruvian superfoods rich in vitamin C conquer Europe

Peru has positioned itself as one of the leading exporting countries of superfoods, highly nutritious foods considered beneficial for health and well-being, thanks to its great biodiversity and traceability.

At the beginning of the year the Covid-19 crisis caused a drop in healthy and natural products but according to Susana Yturry, manager of agro-exports at Adex, the market has begun to recover, observing a greater demand for products such as aguaymanto, camu camu, maca and kion, which are destined for the nutraceutical market.

Before the crisis, the destination countries were: United States, China, Japan and Brazil. However, in March the main markets were: France, Germany and Austria.

In terms of price, Yturry noted that an increase in blueberries and aguaymantos is expected for both the local and international markets.



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